Sunday Meal Prep

Sunday meal prep time again! This week I’ve got cajun seasoned chicken, assorted vegetables and kale salad all portioned out and ready to go. ¬†For snacks I’ve got hard boiled eggs, apples, turkey jerky and almonds.

Sunday meal prep

I always feel so accomplished when I see all my food done and packed up for the week. What do you have planned for the week?

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    • knappier

      Hi Silvia! The recipe is super simple. I just sprinkle cajun seasoning over fresh boneless, skinless chicken breast and bake them in the oven on a cookie sheet.

    • knappier

      Hi Emily! I usually do 3 pounds of frozen chicken breast at a time on a brimmed cookie sheet @ 375 degrees. I bake them for 20-25 minutes then flip them and season the other side and bake for another 20-25 minutes. I always cut through one to make sure they’re done all the way through. The cooking time would be different if they were defrosted.


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